Dugga Digital Assessment has proudly been an active participant in numerous research projects and development projects, fostering collaborations with esteemed institutions both in the past and present. Our commitment to advancing educational technology in general and assessment methodologies in particular, has led us to engage with prominent research partners.

In the past, Dugga collaborated on research projects with distinguished institutions such as Stockholm School of Economics, Stockholm University, Stics Research, University of Arnhem Nijmegen, the Royal Institute of Technology, and Umeå University. These partnerships facilitated the exploration of innovative approaches to digital assessment, contributing valuable insights in relation to the development of Dugga Digital Assessment.

Currently, Dugga is actively involved in cutting-edge research projects with leading researchers from Stanford University, Microsoft Research Cambridge, University of Amsterdam, Umeå University, ETH Zürich, and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. These collaborations underscore our ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of educational technology, leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise to continuously enhance the Dugga platform and contribute to the evolution of digital assessment practices.

Through these collaborative efforts, Dugga Digital Assessment remains dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, research, and the collective goal of shaping the future of education through innovative and effective assessment solutions.

Is your research organization interested in collaborating in the area of Assessment, Learning Analytics, Generative AI or similar subjects? Do not hesitate to reach out to us at: