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Our research organization Dugga is running a number of research projects related to elearning and digital knowledge assessment. In some of these research projects we are using the digital examination system [Dugga] as a platform. Dugga spans digital exams, home exams, tests, homework evaluation, diagnostic tests, assignments and other types of knowledge assessments. The research that we are conducting on the Dugga platform allows us to test on any kind of device such as PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad and mobiles. Our current research projects is focusing on providing educators with support from machine learning systems and thereby enable them to spend more qualitative time with students.

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teachers about dugga

"All my students need to feel comfortable navigating digital assessments in order to build their confident and lessen anxiety. That way they are not worried about how to take the text: instead they can focus on what is being asked on the test."

Elizabeth Shannon, Teacher and Department Head, Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences

"One of the advantages of Dugga is that there are many different functionalities to use when creating exams, giving room for flexibility and variation in knowledge assessment. Another advantage of Dugga is that tests by default are anonymized, which ensures equality in assessment."

Lotta Lundberg, Teacher in English and Swedish, Ekliden School, Nacka, Sweden

"With the Dugga-app integration in Microsoft Teams, it is now possible to schedule an exam for a class directly from within Teams and to add individual students to an exam event."

Leon Geers, Director KSE, Etten-Leur, The Netherlands

"Our teachers have quickly adopted Dugga, it is user-friendly and above all, assures legal security in our tests, exams and assignments."

Patrick Vestberg, Dean, Stockholm Science and Innovation School, Sweden

“Each child deserves equal opportunities and the right to quality education.”

Claudia Rademaker, PhD

Co-founder Dugga

“As teachers, we should take away unnecessary stress with tests and exams.

Patrik Nilsson, PhD

Co-founder Dugga

dugga is platform-independent and supports